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This year, we seek to carry forward the spirit of Fantasies by peeping into our illusional milieu of serenity and tranquility. The theme is thus, “FANTASIES : Callisto: It's Closer Than You Think.”


Keeping in view the growing demand in the stream of Commerce, the SIES College of Commerce and Economics was established by the South Indian Education Society in May 1989. The then Vice-President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma inaugurated the College. Right from its inception, the College has grown from strength to strength as the results testify year after year. The pursuit of excellence has added to our academic stature and the College is among the leading educational institutions in Mumbai today.


SIES College of Commerce and Economics presents Fantasies 2017-18, Theme being Callisto: It's Closer Than You Think..


"Dream the Impossible. Seek the Unknown; Discover the Uncharted" Mankind has always been intrigued by the thought of a world beyond this that we live in, Since the ancient times, touching the skies was the ultimate fantasy. But a world beyond the skies itself was a mystery unknown. Assumptions and rumors were the only reliablities which ultimately gave birth to the indefinite space, very creatively named as "space".
With time though, the entire scenario changed. the world came to know about the existence of the planets and the idea of conquering and residing on the newly found ground were the talks of the day Humankind had a new fantasy, a new dream. Getting there got termed as the pinnacle of achivements ever to be achived. Perspective and presumptions were made by the wild and creative minds of the world the beautiful outcomes nothing short of a wonder
we at SIES College of Commerce and Economics, though, are no outsiders to the wilderness and creativty. Equipped with the Innovative but tacky brains and a sense of justice towards our beliefs, we strive to enliven the spirit of space and the future right here, right now. So, without further ado!
SIES College of Commerce and Economics presents FANTASIES 2018 - Callisto: It's Closer Than You Think