I information technology

Counter strike (3 stars)

Follow the commands of the chief, Make swift quick moves like the thief. Gather all the Equipments for the war, Cuz end of three minutes isn't that far Planting the bomb is your mission. Buying the kit is your own decision, If money permits kill a guy Or its time for others to say good bye!

  • Team of 5 … 4 will be playing and 1 substitute
  • OTSE
  • PAID
  • Maps and Further game rules will be declared just before the event.
FIFA (3 stars)

Time for soccer, so put on your boots. For a gamer, thats not a statement which suits. Train your hands, to handle the console. Defender or striker, play each of the role. FIFA is all about defeating the opponent. So beat them all, to be the best contestant.

  • Solo event, Paid
  • OTSE
  • to be played on Ps4
Need For Speed (3 stars)

Push the accelerator to be on the run, Take a drift to handle the turn. On your way be aware of a cop, Beat the best to get on the top. Boost the nitro and take the lead, All you need is a bit of speed.

  • Solo, Paid
  • OTSE
  • Maps and further game rules will be declared just before the event!
Ring Master (2 stars)

An easy game of copper wire Hold the loop to achieve what you desire. Concentration is the key to win Clear it all if you can match Mr. Bean

  • Paid, Solo
  • OTSE
Typing Master (2 stars)

Follow the event , if you are good at typing Back up your speed for all you have to do is striking. All of the para you will have to type So master your strokes , there is no time to wipe.

  • Solo event
  • OTSE
Photoshop (2 stars)

What a beautiful photo we say, Wish I had one we do pray . So here comes the place for those Whose photoshop is the only dose. So get all you have to show that skill Bring them out with all your will.

  • Solo event
  • OTSE
  • Participants have to edit according to the given theme.
Pocket Tanks (2 stars)

Simple to learn and fun to master You need to be smarter and not faster Launch weapons and experience the thrill Join the game and show your skill. Come register your name And play the ultimate Artillery game.

  • Solo
  • OTSE
  • Played on computer