L literary arts

Devil Unleash (3 stars) (Devil Disengage)

This case is going to be a rollercoaster ride, All the Holmes and Bonds go against each other’s pride. The clues will be difficult to find Only if you don’t crack your minds.

  • Team of 2, OTSE
  • Teams : 15
  • Duration: 2 hrs
Flip a tale (2 stars) (Akshardhara)

Pick your pen quill a tale, In your imagination you will sail. Writing a story will not be an easy part As various obstacles will try to tear it apart Come take part in this spell of word, Let's see whose story is most heard.

  • Individual event, OTSE
  • Participants : Max 20
  • Duration: 1hr 15 mins
Uno Smash (2 stars) (Uno Attack)

Let once again Reverse to that time When you just feel crazy and wild You skip lectures , You Draw 2 or 4 or more friends along…. Only to play, you know That one game of UNO.

  • Individual event, OTSE
  • Participants: 30
  • Duration: 2.5 hrs
Debate (2 stars) (Word Fire Bla bla)

Start with the Makeshift, and go through the contradiction. Speak above the expectation, Or else face the elimination. Now comes the hurdle, To face the planets . So gather your knowledge, To beat those gannets.

  • Team of 2
  • 20 Participants, 3 rounds
  • Duration : 2.5 hrs
Ludopoly (3 stars)

Not your ordinary Ludo, But with a twist, Rolling of dices ain't on the list. The card you pick decide your next move , You deserve or not , it will prove. Pick a card which can change your mood and go ahead with your troop. Jails and chances give a hint of Monopoly Thus the name Ludopoly.

  • Team of 2, No OTSE
  • Teams: 16, Paid event
  • Duration : 2.5 hrs
Test your Taste (2 stars) (Food Detectives Hidden Ingredients)

If you think that you can blindly trust yourself, Think twice ! Because here your judgement should be wise. You need to think what was that spice, To win this fight your judgement should be really nice. Its a tough fight so taste it soon… Get ready with your Fork and spoon!

  • Team of 2, OTSE
  • Participants : 15
  • Duration: 1hr 15 mins
Sprint Memorise Repeat (2 stars) (Brain Smart Brain Teaser)

Running to and fro, memorize the paragraph, Dictate the same , as if its your Biograph Keeping things in mind, Shown you as object. List them down , as an individual subject Explain the word given you as a task, guess it right for the word is given a mask.

  • Team of 2,OTSE
  • 15 teams
  • Duration : 2 hrs
Word cookies (2 stars)

Be careful of what thing you’ve heard Coz here you need to play with words. Win this game and become a word Mafia But first you have to spell : Czechoslovakia

Rules & Regulations:

  • Team of 2, OTSE
  • Teams : 15
  • Duration: 2hrs